New Year´s Day 2015

STARK Awards – Honourable Mention

CF105026 1

My photo – Arctic Aurora received Honourable Mention by the STARK-Awards in 2014 in the Surreal-Creative category. A special issue for the  images awarded Honourable Mention has now been published.   My Photo is on spread 51-52. The overall results of the STARK-Awards 2014 may be viewed here.   Some incredible images and a very high […]


Remote operations in TF


Remote operation in TF has been cleared by the PTA.   Although the findings of the working group set up to address this issue, have been clear since last year – they were not forwarded to the Icelandic PTA until recently. The IRA has published the letter received from the PTA on their home page. […]


The SYDNEY Rhombic

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I have built a new Rhombic towards JA/VK which I have named SYDNEY. I believe this may be the largest beam antenna ever in the Amateur Service.    The array is a single wire job, more than 500m/1640´ end to end, with leg lengths of 250m and 300m/1,000 feet and it flies at approximately 25m […]


Velkomnir í Otradal


Hér með býð ég öllum Íslenzkum radíóamatörum fullkominn fjaraðgang að stöð minni í Otradal til prófunar á kerfi sem er í uppbyggingu. Það eina sem til þarf er tölva með hljóðnema og netvafrann Google Chrome. Skoðið kennslumyndböndin á áður en farið er í stöðina þó það sé ekki til annars en að hlusta. Í ljósi mismunandi […]


Revolutionary Remote


The most advanced remote technology system has been installed at TF4M. This has been done in collaboration with . Watch the WebDX tutorial : The station may be seamlessly controlled with an Elecraft K3 and a control unit from Remoterig and runs with a Solid State kW amplifier on all Amateur Bands with some of the […]


QRO Feedline upgrade


For a long time I have wanted to incorporate some beautiful high power components salvaged from the defunct transmitting site at Rjúpnahæð into my station.    3-1/8″, 50-ohm Standard Rigid Line manufactured by Andrew has a Peak Power Rating of 900 kW and attenuation of 0.033 dB/100m at 1.0 MHz. In the center of the line […]