Alberto Frattini “Lamellare”

A new addition to my collection of beautiful, functional quality morse keys is the “Lamellare” Blade Iambic S/N 002 hand built by Alberto Frattini, I1QOD.

The key is unique in the respect that instead of bearings, it uses a metal blade – pure genius, and the workmanship is impeccable, truly a work of art.

This has previously been done in some straight keys, mainly the Swedish Marconi keys.

The blade allows no wobble as is common in keys that use bearings of any sort.    The feel is unlike any paddle I have ever used, I have a strong feeling that this will become my favourite.



This is what the previous owner Stan, W2LQF had to say about the Lamellare in his eHam review.

Exquisite finish and snappy action.
This is my first Alberto Frattini paddle, although I do own two of his bugs and one straight key. It came in the usual manner for a Frattini product – overpacked and sealed so thoroughly I had to resort to careful use of a razor knife to open it. The first glance at a newly arrived quality key is always a special time and this was no different. The carefully cut and fitted styrofoam revealed an exquisitely beautiful paddle – highly polished to a mirror finish right down to the smallest detail and gorgeous transparent red fingerpieces with just the nicest feel to them. I am not an iambic operator so I cannot evaluate the paddle for that use. Someone else will have to do that. But for an aggressive “slapper” like me, this paddle performs with consistently positive accuracy and a high level of comfort during long sessions (I am a ragchewer). I use wider spacing so yes, it does make some noise for sure! But since I always use a headset it is not a factor for me. Adjustment of the magnetic repulsion is easy, precise and it stays where I put it. I own an original N2DAN Mercury paddle and the Lamellare feels very much the same for my style of “whacking.” The Lamellare does *not* feel like the three Begali paddles I have; it’s got it’s “own” feel. It’s a different product. I like it very much and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who appreciates beauty, craftsmanship, and superior performance. I waited between 4 and 5 months for delivery and it was worth the wait.

Note:   a small correction.  The Lamellare does not have magnets to provide repulsion, but a thin steel blade with a screw adjustment.  This is difficult to see unless the paddle is examined closely. (TF4M)

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