FT5ZM – Amsterdam Is.

An international DXpedition is underway at Amsterdam Island, using the call sign FT5ZM. View Larger Map   I worked the DXpedition on their first day of operation on 30 Meters for an ATNO (All Time New One) and with that out of the way, I was free to concentrate on working them on 160 Meters. […]


N2DAN, Mercury

N2DAN Mercury

The latest addition to my collection of high quality keys is an original N2DAN, Mercury in immaculate condition.   The paddle is S/N 242 built in January 1994 and I am the third owner after WA0GOZ and WB2LQF. It has seen very little use and has in fact been kept in a glass cabinet for […]


Ivory paddle


I have customized my Begali Signature paddle with Sperm Whale Ivory finger pieces.   In addition, I removed the 3.5mm stereo plug on the back of the key and hard-wired the keying lead.   The paddle was then adjusted to 30 grams pressure and a spacing of 0.0025″/0.06mm.   It plays very well now and […]


Morse Keys


I presently have two iambic paddles in my collection.   A Flex-Flyer #007 hand made by KA2BZS and a Begali Signature #44.  Both are high quality instruments.  


9N7BM – Nepal


Today the postman brought me this beautiful, extremely rare QSL card.   What a pleasure ! This is the first ever radio communication between Iceland and Nepal on 160 Meters. Once more the Arctic King demonstrates his prowess. My 160M totals are now 203 Worked, 201 Confirmed.


Arctic Moonlight


The results of a trip to the beach in the Moonlight.   Extremely icy roads and treacherous conditions stumbling in the near total darkness, made this a challenging shoot.