9J2T – Zambia


Conditions on The Band have been very poor lately but I was aware of a DXpedition to Zambia operating with the call 9J2T. Today I finally heard them with incredibly weak signals, extreme QSB and high QRN.    I can only imagine what the noise level must have been like on their end. When I […]


Alberto Frattini “Lamellare”

Alberto Frattini Blade Iambic

A new addition to my collection of beautiful, functional quality morse keys is the “Lamellare” Blade Iambic S/N 002 hand built by Alberto Frattini, I1QOD. The key is unique in the respect that instead of bearings, it uses a metal blade – pure genius, and the workmanship is impeccable, truly a work of art. This […]


TO7CC – Reunion Island

The F6KOP team is on Reunion Island operating as TO7CC. Réunion is a French island with a population of 840,974 inhabitants located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, about 200 kilometres southwest of Mauritius, the nearest island. Wikipedia View Larger Map I worked them on their first night of operation on 160 Meters. TO7CC_160CW The […]



From the January/February issue of The DX Magazine “One final element to ham radio technology. It´s been around, but in today´s form for ham radio it´s one the most important issues addressed in my life — remote stations. Have another look at the last issue of The DX Magazine and read the article by Dave […]


8Q7BM – Republic of the Maldives

Björn, SM0MDG has been active – holiday style from the Maldives for the last two weeks.   We had a QSO at 2241 on the last night of his operation, although signals were extremely weak, the contact was solid as may be heard in the recording. 8Q7BM_160CW_QSO View Larger Map I had previously worked 8Q, […]


FT5ZM – Amsterdam Is.

An international DXpedition is underway at Amsterdam Island, using the call sign FT5ZM. View Larger Map   I worked the DXpedition on their first day of operation on 30 Meters for an ATNO (All Time New One) and with that out of the way, I was free to concentrate on working them on 160 Meters. […]


N2DAN, Mercury

N2DAN Mercury

The latest addition to my collection of high quality keys is an original N2DAN, Mercury in immaculate condition.   The paddle is S/N 242 built in January 1994 and I am the third owner after WA0GOZ and WB2LQF. It has seen very little use and has in fact been kept in a glass cabinet for […]


Ivory paddle


I have customized my Begali Signature paddle with Sperm Whale Ivory finger pieces.   In addition, I removed the 3.5mm stereo plug on the back of the key and hard-wired the keying lead.   The paddle was then adjusted to 30 grams pressure and a spacing of 0.0025″/0.06mm.   It plays very well now and […]


Morse Keys


I presently have two iambic paddles in my collection.   A Flex-Flyer #007 hand made by KA2BZS and a Begali Signature #44.  Both are high quality instruments.