Arctic Moonlight


The results of a trip to the beach in the Moonlight.   Extremely icy roads and treacherous conditions stumbling in the near total darkness, made this a challenging shoot.  


Rigging Course

TF1MM letting go in Naqoura 1991

I attended a Rigging Course in UNIFIL, Naqoura, South Lebanon in 1991. Some novel methods were used by the instructors to instill confidence in the safety gear.


Early antenna adventure

pulley jammed

Things did not always go as planned in the early days.  These photos were taken around 1985 when I as a young TF1PS acquired my first big antenna pole. I have since tried to make such mistakes only once.


1A0KM – Sovereign Military Order of Malta

image by Željko Heimer, 8 June 2002

An international team of operators are activating the Sovereign Military Order of Malta with the call sign 1A0KM from January 2nd to January 7th. SMOM is activated every two years or so and very rarely on 160 Meters.  I needed a contact for an ATNO (All Time New One) and I made an easy QSO […]


Stew Perry Long Distance Challenge 2013


The Stew Perry took place December 28 – December 29.   During the days leading up to the event, conditions appeared to be improving. When the event began it became clear that conditions were poor on 160 meters, and at 1800 UTC on December 28 a powerful M-Class solar flare occurred with a near blackout […]