9N7BM – Nepal


Today the postman brought me this beautiful, extremely rare QSL card.   What a pleasure ! This is the first ever radio communication between Iceland and Nepal on 160 Meters. Once more the Arctic King demonstrates his prowess. My 160M totals are now 203 Worked, 201 Confirmed.


Arctic Moonlight


The results of a trip to the beach in the Moonlight.   Extremely icy roads and treacherous conditions stumbling in the near total darkness, made this a challenging shoot.  


Rigging Course

TF1MM letting go in Naqoura 1991

I attended a Rigging Course in UNIFIL, Naqoura, South Lebanon in 1991. Some novel methods were used by the instructors to instill confidence in the safety gear.


Early antenna adventure

pulley jammed

Things did not always go as planned in the early days.  These photos were taken around 1985 when I as a young TF1PS acquired my first big antenna pole. I have since tried to make such mistakes only once.