160M 4. November 2008

It rained today so I spent the day on the radio instead of outside doing antenna work. BV1EK was heard with good signals most of the day, but did not hear my calls. JA7OEM had an amazingly strong and steady signal for hours.  We had a short QSO JA7OEM I recorded his CQ call for […]

160M 3. November 2008

Spectacular conditions continued on 160M with the following DX stations going into the log. JA7OEM, JH1GNU, UA9BA, JA1BK, RU9MX, JR2KDN, JH5FXP, JA7FUJ, JE6IGP, JA3EMU, JA4LKB, JH4AAG, JA9KRO, JA3CJO, JA7EVP, JA2CXF, JH4CES, 7J4AAL, JR7VHZ, JE2OVG and UA9MA. It was a great pleasure to QSO my good friends Kan, JA1BK and Yuichi, JR2KDN (second QSO !), who […]

160M 2. November 2008

  Another fantastic opening to Japan occurred last night.   I worked the following 19 stations from JA. JH0ZHQ, JQ2VVH, JJ2LPV, JE7RJS, JA7FUJ, JA4FUJ, JA4CUU, JA1ANR, JR2KDN, JF1FSR, JI1FXS, JA2FBY, 7K4DHB, JA1HSF, JI1NJC, JA3CSZ, JA1GV, JA2TBS, JH7NTJ and JH7PFD. It was a special pleasure to work my friends Yuichi, JR2KDN and Yasu, JI1NJC who visited […]

Beverage 3

A new Beverage designated in my plans as B3 is now in operation.  The antenna is a two wire design 320 meters long, with the DXEngineering reversible Beverage system giving two directions either switchable or simultaneously. This shows the pattern on 160M.   This is the pattern on 80M:

160M 10. Oct. 2008

I heard VK3LZ with reasonable signals for a while but not well enough for a QSO. Seven JA stations made it into the log: JN4MIV, JQ2VVH, JA7ZP, JA7QVI, JQ3DUE, JH2RMU and JA8ISU. JJ2LPV, JH0INP, JA9KRO and JE7JDL were heard and responded to, but did not make it into the log. This is a recording of […]