Virtual Tour

This page will contain Virtual Tours.

This tour was made in January 2012 – 4 panoramas of the USA Rhombic added on February 10th 2012:



  1. Stan says

    Looking at these virtual tours is like being back in Otradalur! It proves that Otradalur is beautiful not only in the summer! Great work!

    Stan  SM7WT

  2. Gjmb says

    you enjoy a great view and wilderness around your house. i often visit your site just to see the photos and whats going on. faboulous light there up in the north.
    gerhard, oe3bga

  3. Mike W says

    Nice panoramic view! Enjoyed it much thanks for sharing.

    Wished we could have worked in the Stew Perry.

    Mike W9RE

  4. says

    Thor, it was a great pleasure to work with you and your kind offer to use your station
    came just in time.
    I am not a contester, and so i dont really understand what drives people to compete with others – using stations they have not built themself – however – yesterday remote operating suddenly made a whole lot of sense, and your station rivals our “oh8x” arcala in finnland – a ham-radio operators wet dream. I hope we stay in touch after this…..

    I must try to get to iceland again one day… most beautiful landscape, and the worldst most beautiful ladies…

    73, timo

    • says

      Hi Timo,

      the pleasure is all mine. I am glad to be able to assist.

      My station is built by myself from a to z, and since I no longer operate much, I like to make my facilities available to others.

      Remote technology has incredible potential for serious use, not least for emergency communications.

      I would be delighted to show you around my station and area when you visit.

      73 Thor

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